Oregon, 2011

Private Collection, Massachusetts


After obtaining his diploma in Sculpture from the Academy of Brera in Milan in 1982, he taught in the public schools of Milan for several years.  After which, he dedicated himself to his own artistic research.  In the 1980s, he started his first composite sculptures by assembling found objects and then repainting them.  This would eventually lead him to a work that is attentive to structure and space, which is, at the same time, determined by that same structure.

He has exhibited in numerous shows in both Italy and abroad.

Next, 2007

Private Collection, Colorado

Cactus, 2011

Private Collection, Santa Fe, New Mexico

NSO 2012, Idroscalo, Milano - Public Collection, Milano, Italy

Contrappunto 2003, Villa Recalcati - Varese,  Italy